Article Title Author(s) Publication Date
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Determination of a Good Value of the Time Step and Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for the NFaezeh Toutounian Mashhad2005-6
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The minimization of the fuel costs in the train transportationSohrab Effati2006-4
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A solution procedure for the discrete time, cost and quality tradeoff problem using electromagnetic scatter searchHamed Reza Tareghian2007-7
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Investigation of climatic effects on the shape and volume of tympanic bulla of Meriones libycus and M.Persicus(Muridae: Rodentia) form Northeastern Iran: An evolutionary approachFaezeh Toutounian Mashhad,Faezeh Toutounian Mashhad2008-1
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Shape Optimization of a Nozzle with Specified Flow Field Including Viscosity EffectMohammad Hadi Farahi2008-4
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Arsenic Phytoremediation by Phragmites australis: green technology2008-8
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Filtration problem in inhomogeneous dam by usinge mbedding methodMohammad Hadi Farahi2008-10
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A procedure with stepsize control for solving n one-dimensional IVPsFaezeh Toutounian Mashhad2008-11
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Process Algebraic Modeling of Authentication Protocols for Analysis of Parallel Multi-Session ExecutionsRasoul Ramezanian2009-1
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Breakdown-free version of ILU factorization for nonsymmetric positiveFaezeh Toutounian Mashhad2009-3
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Control the Fiber Orientation Distribution at the Outlet of ContractionMohammad Hadi Farahi2009-7
Numerical Scheme to Solve Integro-Differentia Equations SystemlMortaza Gachpazan2009-7
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cotinuation of periodic solutions for a class of Lienard equation under two parametric nonautonomous perturbationsZahra Afsharnejad2010-7
Two new conjugate gradient methods based on modified secant equationsReza Ghanbari2010-7
On the conditions for whidch the Atm proyiein can switch off the DNA damage signal in a P^53 modelZahra Afsharnejad2010-8
Piecewise-Truncated Parametric Iteration Method: a PromisingAnalytical Method for Solving Abel Differential EquationsJafar Saberi- Nadjafi2010-8
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Convergence of He’s Variational Iteration Method for Nonlinear OscillatorsJafar Saberi- Nadjafi2010-10
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Variational Iteration Method for Solving Seventh Order Integro-differential equationsJafar Saberi- Nadjafi2010-11
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Time optimal control problem of the wave equationSohrab Effati2010-11
Tri-directional Scheduling Scheme:Theory and ComputationHamed Reza Tareghian,Mohammad Hadi Farahi2010-11
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A Novel Recurrent Neural Network for Solving Mlcps and its Application to Linear and Quadratic ProgrammingSohrab Effati2011-11
Queueing Covering Maximal Location-Allocation Problem: An Extension with M/G/1 SysytemsHossein Taghizadeh Kakhki2011-11
Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Volterra Integral Equations by Spectral Galerkin MethodJafar Saberi- Nadjafi2011-11
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Fuzzy cost support vector regression on the fuzzy samplesSohrab Effati2011-12
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Hybrid solution method for resource-constrained project scheduling problem using a new schedule generatorHamed Reza Tareghian2012-1
Optimal Control for General n-Compartmental Models in Cancer Chemotherapy Using Measure Theoretical ApproachMohammad Hadi Farahi2012-1
Sliding mode controllers for second order and extended Heisenberg systemsMohammad Hadi Farahi,Sohrab Effati2012-1
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Solving the Optimal Control of Linear Systems via Homotopy Perturbation MethodMohammad Hadi Farahi2012-2
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extension of chicone s method for perturbation systems of three parameters with application to Lienard systemZahra Afsharnejad2012-3
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Chaos Control and Global Stabilization of HIV Infection of CD+ 4 T-cells SystemSohrab Effati2012-4
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Experimental Research about Effect of Mathematics Anxiety, Working Memory Capacity on Students’ Mathematical Performance With Three Different Types of Learning MethodsHassan Alamolhodaei2012-5
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The Effects of Sleep Duration on Predictive Factors of Mathematical PerformanceFarzad Radmehr,Hassan Alamolhodaei2012-5
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Optimal Control of Bone Marrow in Cancer ChemotherapyAli Vahidian Kamyad2012-6
Secondary mathematics teachers’ filed dependency and its effects on their cognitive abilitiesFarzad Radmehr,Hassan Alamolhodaei2012-6
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On the Constructive Notion of Closure MapsRasoul Ramezanian2012-7
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A New Approach for the Generalized First Derivative and Extension It to the Generalized Second Derivative of Nonsmooth FunctionsAli Vahidian Kamyad2013-1
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A Novel Approach for Solving Nonsmooth Optimization Problems with Application to Nonsmooth EquationsAli Vahidian Kamyad2013-1
Accelerated normal and skew-Hermitian splitting methods for positive definite linear systemsFaezeh Toutounian Mashhad2013-1
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Platelet distribution widths and white blood cell are associated with cardiovascular diseases: data mining approachesSohrab Effati2023-10
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Game-Based Therapy and Game-Based Therapy Integrated with Cognitive Rehabilitation on the Math Performance and Attitude towards Mathematics in Students with Learning DisabilitiesHassan Alamolhodaei2023-11
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Third-grade students’ strategies for presenting permutations of three or four objectsHassan Alamolhodaei2023-12
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Association of atherosclerosis indices, serum uric acid to high‐density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio and triglycerides‐glucose index with hypertension: A gender‐disaggregated analysis2024-5
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On ( k , ℓ )-locating colorings of graphsMostafa Tavakoli2024-7