The Department of Statistics established the Bachelor’s program in 1970. During the four-year undergraduate program, students at the department of statistics can gain the skills for inferring, modeling and analyzing various economic and social systems. This undergraduate program also prepares the students to further their education. Graduates of this department will have the chance of being employed by both public and private sectors.

The Master’s program in statistics was founded in 1987. The aim of this program is to educate specialists capable of teaching statistics and conducting research at universities and institutions of higher education as well as making a contribution to the management and planning of industrial centers and services such as Management and Planning Organization (MPO) and Statistical Center of Iran. The areas of specialization in the Master’s program of Statistics are Mathematical Statistics (since 1987) and Socio-Economic Statistics (since 2009).

The Ph.D.’s program in statistics was founded in 1995. The aim of the Ph.D. program is to utilize mathematical tools and models in analyzing issues related to science, engineering, technology and various sectors of the society such as industry, manufacturing, economics, and social management. Ph. D. holders should conduct studies which are internationally qualified and acceptable. The areas of specialization in this program are: Statistics-Inference, Statistics – Probability.

Head of the Department of Statistics


Majid Sarmad

Science Degree: Professor


PHD , University

Expertise:Statistical inference, Ordered data, Reliability theory


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